catch22 (catch22) wrote,

I feel the most amazing freedom. There aren't words to describe this. There's a time when you can see people for who they are, situations for what they are, and the value of said things. My chains are broken. I'm sure there will always be faint scars but I'm free. I have my understanding and piece of mind.

This is what I'm listening too from Riverdance...This moment is too beautiful to describe in words you'd have to be able to have felt it before to understand. I don't claim to be special or cool but I've learned to be honest with myself and that was a big step. Here's that song

The Heart's Cry

"Where the river foams and
surges to the sea
Silver figures rise to find me
Wise and as daring
Following the heart's cry
I am that deep pool
I am that dark spring

*Warm with a mystery
I may reveal to you
In time
(Time holds the heart's key)
Key to everything is love
(Love makes the heart flower)
Flowers into a deep desire
(Passion in the heart's fire)
Passion and desire

See the eagle rise above
the open plain
Golden in the morning air
Weaving and soaring
Watchful and protecting
I am your shelter
I will enfold you
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